Szekszárd - Wine & Paprika

If you want an authentic Hungarian culinary experience in the countryside while visiting some charming cities close to the Danube, this excursion is your best pick. We actually visit 3 cities and our first stop will be in Kalocsa, the ‘Capital of Paprika’ where the Paprika Museum awaits us as an appetizer. What would a Hungarian kitchen be without paprika? We cannot even imagine that.

After this teaser we will continue our way through the ‘Puszta’ to Baja where you’ll definitely understand what paprika means to us: we will have lunch here tasting the famous fish soup of Baja. You’ll also learn about the rivalry they have with the culinary style of other regions, but most probably you’ll be convinced by this version of the fish soup after tasting it served with ‘match sticks’. The last stop before going back to Budapest will be Szekszárd with some wine tasting. This wine region is famous for its red wines mostly, as in South Hungary we enter the near Mediterranean climate zone. Szekszárd and its ruby liquid had been badly neglected during the communist years, but has recently risen from its ashes and we are eager to introduce you to this treasure of the Hungarian countryside.

Itinerary: starting our 90-minute car trip from Budapest in the morning, our first stop will be in the city of Kalocsa. Then we will head to Baja, with a possible photo stop in the authentic Hungarian ‘Puszta’. The third location we are going to is Szekszárd where we will not only stroll around the city enter, but will also visit a wine cellar for some sampling.

TOUR PRICE INCLUDES: tour guiding and driving in a comfortable vehicle

Additional fees:

  • Paprika Museum
  • Fish soup meal in Baja
  • Szekszárd wine tasting


  • clock 8 hours
  • tour-type tour by car
  • person 1-4 person
  • money from EUR 270
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In case of a bigger group, ask for your customized quote!

This is the price for tour guiding and driving. Additional fees to Paprika Museum, Fish soup and wine tastings based on number of travelers apply

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