Budapest Wonderguides About us

Welcome to Hungary! We hope your stay will be memorable in our beloved country. At Budapest Wonderguides we are here to take your experience up a level. Let us introduce ourselves to you. When we came up with the name, we thought about all the wonders this country has. When seeing these wonders you’ll definitely get an impression but not an explanation. That’s where we come in to reveal the story behind what you see, giving you an in-depth understanding of Hungary and its soul and to help you discover some hidden gems along the way. And so much more! One of our most ancient legends is about a beautiful golden Wonder Deer. Following the galaxy-like antlers of the deer – that actually represented the Milky Way – our ancestors found their ultimate homeland. Just as the deer guided the early Hungarians, today we are here to give you a lead in your wanderings through Hungary. Although we are based in Budapest, our aim is to go beyond the capital, too, and with our day trips provide an essence of Hungarian culture.

Our tours are available in English, Spanish, and Hungarian.

If you have any questions you can browse our FAQ or contact us to learn more!

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