Katalin Boldizsár (Kate)

Budapest Wonderguides - Meet the guides - Katalin Boldizsár (Kate)

I was born in Budapest - my heart beats together with this city. There’s probably no stronger feeling inside me than my love for Hungary. I have been a tour guide since 2013, and also consider myself a cultural representative of my country. The great advice of my parents was to explore the world starting from the inside, the core of it. So, my investigation began here, and I have never stopped discovering more about my land and nation. As I grew up and took trips abroad, I realized the passion I have regarding traveling and listening to stories. People, art and history fascinate me, I love to learn about the causes and consequences. So, I started to lead Hungarian tour groups to several countries throughout the world. As the world opened up for me, I increasingly enjoyed working in a team. So here we are with my friends and fellow guides to make your stay in Hungary as fun, adventurous and memorable as possible! Join us and be part of a wonderful experience!

Zsuzsanna Záhonyi (Susan)

Budapest Wonderguides - Meet the guides - Zsuzsanna Záhonyi (Susan)

A local guide in Budapest: this is the dream that came true for me: introducing the history and the secrets of this city as a storyteller. I think my own story started at some moment when as a child I was constantly listening to my grandfather and his personal struggles and adventures in the 20th century. I could have listened to him for hours and hours! Later on when I grew up, I started to travel and it has become one of my passions. Why not combine the two: storytelling and traveling? It became evident that the perfect choice is to be a tour guide. This is how I finally found my path as a guide. Hopefully on this path one day I'll become your guide too, in my beautiful country. Always interested in your questions and doubts too, to make our tours as interactive and personal as possible. With me, you can choose either English or Spanish for your tour.

Viktória Horváth (Viki)

Budapest Wonderguides - Meet the guides - Viktória Horváth (Viki)

I was born and educated in the US – the child of Hungarian refugees. My first trip of many to Budapest was when I was 3 years old. As a family we kept visiting throughout the years trying to help our relatives. I felt very much at home here. Finally making it my home over 20 years ago when the country was freed from the Iron Curtain. So I have seen and also experienced all the changes in this transition. Whenever friends or contacts came to visit, I found myself unofficially guiding and showing all that Budapest and Hungary had to offer. Eventually I became a certified local tour guide. My free time fun activity has become my profession - you just can't beat that! I can offer the best of both worlds: the knowledge and insight of a local, laced with a bit of an outsider's perspective, in native English (or Hungarian). Come experience the 1000-year-old history and vibrant present of Budapest and Hungary. Hope to see you soon!

István Gregor (Steven)

Budapest Wonderguides - Meet the guides - István Gregor (Steven)

A local guide - or local guy, as you wish - from Budapest. After finishing my archeological and historical studies I joined the tour guide community of the country in order to show visiting travellers one of Europe's hidden treasures: Budapest, the Pearl of the Danube. I am very proud of my job as I believe that a tour guide is foremost the cultural representative of his country. How is one a good representative? Be knowledgeable, humorous and easy-going to convince your guests you are not just a guide but a local friend to them. What I can offer you is a beautiful land with a breathtaking capital city, incredibly tasty food, a unique nation with unique language and an enthusiastic host who will introduce you to all of this. So don't hesitate and let me share with you these fascinating experiences!

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